How many DUI related incidents occurred in Cayman last year?

Answer: B. 178 drink driving offences and that’s only the reported incidents. Stay safe, don’t drink and drive.

What is the fine for being caught on a mobile device behind the wheel?

Answer: C. $150. Checking that text really isn’t worth it.

How much more likely are you to die in a car crash if you’re not wearing a seatbelt?

Answer: B. Fatalities are 10x more likely for those not wearing seatbelts. Buckle up.

What should you always check before making a maneuver?

Answer: A. You never know who might be behind you.

Which direction should you be walking on the road?

Answer: A. Always walk facing oncoming traffic so drivers can see you.

When driving, how much space should you leave between your car and a cyclist?

Answer: B. Stick to the 3ft rule when you’re passing a cyclist. Allow space.

What percentage of accidents are a result of cell phone use?

Answer: C. Cell phone use behind the wheel is responsible for a huge 25% of accidents. Stay off the smartphone.

When should you wear a motorcycle helmet?

Answer: C: Always. Wearing a helmet on a motorcycle decreases your chances of brain injury by a whopping 67%.